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The Best Name You can Put on Inflatable Boat Fabric

For over 40 years Achilles has been setting the standard for inflatable boat fabric using our customized formula combining tough and airtight elastomer coatings over a heavy duty Nylon or Polyester core fabric. Today, Achilles Fabric continues to set the standard by using an exterior coating of chlorosulphonated polyethylene, or CSM, for its unsurpassed durability and two interior layers of Neoprene for its remarkable air tightness.


CSM by Any Other Name is Still CSM

For many years Achilles used CSM manufactured by DuPont under their brand name Hypalon. Dupont has ceased producing CSM so the Hypalon brand is no longer available. But Achilles still uses CSM manufactured to the same exacting specifications we have always demanded.


Resisting Damage - natural or man-made

CSM effectively resists the most common source of damage to inflatable boats. These range from the weathering effects of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, to oil and gasoline spills. It is also extremely abrasion resistant as well as being highly resistant to staining and soiling.

Achilles uses only CSM formulated to our own exacting standards to meet the specific demands of inflatable boat fabric.


Properties of CSM:

Superb Ozone and Weather Resistance

Resistance to Oil, Grease and Solvents

Resistance to Abrasion

Resistance to Impact, Cutting, Gouging and other types of Physical Abuse

Resistance to Discoloration

Resistance to Staining and Soiling


Airtight to stay Inflated Longer

Dupont Neoprene is an extremely airtight synthetic rubber with more than 75 years of proven performance in a broad industry spectrum. It was originally developed as an oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber. It is often used in O-ring, seals and diaphragms due to its low gas permeation qualities. Two internal coating layers of Neoprene provide outstanding air retention so Achilles inflatable Boats will remain inflated longer.


Achilles Fabric. Proven 40 Years.

With so many fabric claims made by inflatable boat manufacturers, it is important to recognize that Achilles Fabric has been proven for over 40 years where it counts most - on the water. Many types of fabric have come and gone under many different names, but none have ever been proven more effective than Achilles Fabric. Trust your next inflatable boat to the proven name in fabric reliability, durability and toughness - Achilles.


Brand Achilles

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